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About us

Sprint Llc. is a Belgian, Flemish company, founded in 1984 and active in textiles and fibers.

In 2003 our Graphic division was started with newsink (coldset and heatset) sales and shortly extended sheetfed inks to be present in the commercial printing market.

Nowadays Sprint Graphics has a wide range of inks (newsink, sheetfed, screen printing, flexo and rotogravure, UV, can coatings…), press chemicals, plates, blankets, news- and commercial paper and bookbinding materials.

Thanks to its years of experience and a strong reputation Sprint Graphics is responding swiftly and flexibly to the needs of its customers. Sprint Graphics keeps up to date with all the latest developments in the area having a strong grasp of all the technical requirements. Its support and advice are of the highest quality.

From its warehouse located near the Port of Antwerp, orders are stuffed into 20ft, 40ft or LCL sea containers for worldwide shipping. Providing all needed documents (Certificates of Origin, legalisation by the Embassy, SGS, Intertek…) making import of your orders smoothly and efficient.

Would you like to receive more information about our services? Don’t hesitate to contact us.

We are ready to advise you and tailor our services for your specific requirements.

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Printing inks are finely dispersed, liquid to pasty mixtures which are made up of colorants such as pigments, binders (oil-varnish) and additives such as thinners, wax dispersions, etc. Printing inks are used in printing machines to print on a wide variety of materials such as paperboard, paper, foil, plastic, metal, leather, etc. The shape of these materials may be flat, cylindrical…. The composition of the printing inks depends on the printing method and the substrate to be printed.

Coldset & Heatset Inks

Coldset inks are paste-like offset printing inks. They are used in web-fed offset printing. Because coldset inks only dry physically by penetrating into the print substrate (paper), the process does not require an ancillary drying device and …

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Sheetfed Inks

Sheetfed (also referred to as sheet offset printing) is an offset printing method in which the material being printed is fed sheetwise into the printing machine. Offset printing is an indirect printing method in which paste-like printing inks is transferred to the …

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Flexo and Rotogravure Inks (Liquid Inks)

Flexo printing, like letterpress printing is one of the relief printing processes and is used for printing newspapers, books and packaging, particularly for high-quality food packaging. For flexo printing, the printing plate is …

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Can Coating systems

Liquid coating resins used for interior metal can coatings, basecoats and clearcoats

  • Base coats
  • Silver Lacquers
  • Food Gold Lacquers
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Screen Printing Inks

In screen printing, the printing plate consists of a woven mesh with a print template. The screen printing ink is transferred through the printing plate onto the print substrate. The ink application is five to ten times thicker in screen printing than in …

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Press chemicals and tools

A carefull selected range of press chemicals fullfil the requirements of the most important press manufacturers.

  • Fountain Solutions
  • Fount System Cleaning
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Blanket, Films & Plates

  • A wide range of blankets depending on the application.
  • Cutted blankets, perforated blankets, bared blankets, blankets on rolls and self adhesive blankets for
  • Coldset
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Book binding materials

  • Wide range of adhesive (Hot melt) options for all your bookbinding needs.
  • Hot melt adhesives that adhere to a wide range of paper and cover stocks.
  • Spine glues capable of running at machine speeds from 1.000 to over 18.000r clamps per hour.
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  • Newsprint in Reels
  • LWC Paper in Reels
  • 2/S Coated Paper in Reels & Sheets
  • Carbonless Paper in Reels & Sheets
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