Coldset & Heatset Inks

Coldset inks are paste-like offset printing inks. They are used in web-fed offset printing. Because coldset inks only dry physically by penetrating into the print substrate (paper), the process does not require an ancillary drying device and …

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Sheetfed Inks

Sheetfed (also referred to as sheet offset printing) is an offset printing method in which the material being printed is fed sheetwise into the printing machine. Offset printing is an indirect printing method in which paste-like printing inks is transferred to the …

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Flexo and Rotogravure Inks (Liquid Inks)

Flexo printing, like letterpress printing is one of the relief printing processes and is used for printing newspapers, books and packaging, particularly for high-quality food packaging. For flexo printing, the printing plate is …

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Can Coating systems

Liquid coating resins used for interior metal can coatings, basecoats and clearcoats

  • Base coats
  • Silver Lacquers
  • Food Gold Lacquers
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Screen Printing Inks

In screen printing, the printing plate consists of a woven mesh with a print template. The screen printing ink is transferred through the printing plate onto the print substrate. The ink application is five to ten times thicker in screen printing than in …

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